Dedicated Non-Public Asset Closed-End Investment Fund

the optimal solution for your business

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A dedicated closed-end investment fund offers the possibility to create an investment platform, in which assets will be collected and managed. This solution allows to store and invest the assets safely in one place. The fact that the funds are exempt from income tax is also of significance. Structures of that type are often used for tax planning.

Dedicated Non-Public Asset Closed-End Investment Fund is a solution in which the Investor, retaining real control over the assets and the fund investment policy, obtains benefits associated with the statutory fund exemption from the CIT income tax. Dedicated Non-Public Asset Closed-End Investment Fund offers the possibility to invest in a broad spectrum of assets and financial instruments.

The company currently manages more than 100 dedicated closed-end funds, which are directed to entities and persons from various industries and market sectors. In our business, we strive to ensure the security of our customers' assets. We may boast a number of references. In 2014, TFI registered 19 new dedicated closed-end investment funds. In 2015, TFI registered 29 new funds. It has made us the market leader in this field.

  • The possibility to create

    an investment platform

  • Real control

    over the assets and the fund investment policy

  • The statutory fund exemption

    from the CIT income tax

  • Also addressed to

    small and medium-sized enterprises

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Polish investment funds are exempt from income tax. The Fund may be used as a platform for investments and asset management.



Due to the wide range of investment categories, a dedicated closed-end investment fund may invest in stocks and shares of both public and private companies, from Poland and abroad, as well as in real estate and other financial instruments, e.g. bonds. The funds may incur debts and grant loans.



The Investor retains control over the assets contributed to the fund. At any time, the Investor may close the fund and "take out" the assets from the fund. The Investor makes key decisions regarding the fund's assets, including the ones on their acquisition and sale, and manages the company's operations.


Safety and easy management

The Fund is managed by leading Polish investment funds supervised by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority. TFI closely cooperates with the depositary bank that holds the fund assets. The Investor makes the fund investment decisions. The scope of the Investor's competence is regulated by the fund statute. The Investor has a direct, daily contact with the TFI employees.

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Low cost

Thanks to our special offer, the service is already profitable when we optimize the gross income of PLN 2 million per year. Action within the set scheme makes it possible to obtain low structure operating costs and its efficiency.

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Our offer

is mainly directed to:

  • Fundusze Inwestycyjne Zamknięte Dla kogo

    Asset owners and to companies

    A dedicated fund may be used by entrepreneurs and assets owners. Shares, stocks, real estate or partnerships,both Polish and foreign ones, and public assets may all be gathered in the fund.